About Imgecountry-

Image Country® Camouflage is a complete camouflage system. Utilizing the most advanced technology yet to blend the best combination of colors and patterns possible.

Focusing on colors and patterns the two most important elements of effective camouflage, Image Country® has combined them flawlessly into patterns with eleven different colors that match an incredible variety of natural settings. The results are patterns that encompass the most detailed, colors, color contrast, and realistic lifelike 3-dimensional appearances possible.

High contrast limbs detailed with realistic shadowy leaves of various shapes, sizes colors and layering arrangements create a natural look that combines the best of aesthetics and utility field value. With backgrounds that add realism and color contrast that allows the patterns to create visual distortion.

Image Country® Camouflage patterns truly create 3-dimensional patterns that breakup the human silhouette as no other patterns to date have accomplished.

When issues concerning camouflage patterns are discussed, at least two questions are asked. "Can one predict what type of patterns will be demanded in the future?" and "Has camouflage creativeness been exhausted throughout the past decade?"


With these two critical questions in mind, Image Country® Camouflage has designed Image Country®, Image, Snow Country, Reflection Brown Leaf, Reflection Green Leaf, Reflection Canada and Refuge patterns. The patterns for the new century must possess outstanding aesthetics to be successful. Obviously, the patterns must have utility value in the field as well. All Image Country® Camouflage patterns are designed to be effective patterns in the field, but more importantly each possesses critical detail that sets them apart from all other existing patterns on the market.

Image Country® Camouflage combines colors and patterns flawlessly into a combination of eleven different colors that match an unlimited number of natural settings. The results are patterns that encompass the most detailed, color, color contrast, and realistic lifelike 3-dimensional appearance possible.

Highlighting contrast limbs, detailed bark, reeds and cattails and the most realistic leaves ever designed, are combined into a multi 3-dimensional patterns that create a layering arrangement with aesthetics unequaled in camouflage design. This guarantees the patterns working whether you are in a treestand on the forest floor with underbrush or in a cattail marsh.